who we are

Prive Travels is a forward thinking, experience based, boutique travel agency.  Our global team of curators build our experiences using their local knowledge of the destinations we offer our guests,  as well as their experience on the services provided to our guests during their trips.

Luis Guajardo, CEO or Prive Travels and our sister vacation rental company Prive Luxury Rentals, has worked in the travel industry for over 10 years curating extraordinary experiences for travelers at international destinations around the planet.  It is our mission to provide unique experiences that are not easily discoverable online on mainstream sites like Yelp, Expedia, or Trip Advisor.

what we do

Prive Travels takes the thinking out of traveling.  Our curated experiences cover every detail possible to elevate your travel experience without you having to think or lift a finger.  From the moment you land we guide you through your experience from start to finish.

For those that want to choose their own adventure, we can curate custom itineraries beyond what we have packaged together on our site.  This itinerary will be customized to your and/or your groups exact liking.

why book with us

Our global network of curators around the world focuses on bringing avid travelers, many of which are considered some of the biggest influencers in the world and travel for a living.  There knowledge reaches beyond the internet, sharing local secrets and hidden gems, as well as special access to extraordinary experiences that can only be described as if it were a movie.

Couple that with our dedicated team whose strength is derived from our boutique culture with a hands on approach that makes our guests feel as if it’s their friends that are hosting them throughout their entire trip.   With large companies, guests get lost in a large volume of travelers and do not feel special.  With us, you feel like you’re our only guest.

Prive Experiences

experience based travel packages

Planning a trip to a place you don’t know well can take a lot of time researching the internet and contacting all the different companies, many of which don’t have a web presence, to create your itinerary.  Even if you do take the time to do it, you are often left utilizing sites like Trip Advisor that give you the mainstream things to do that everybody else does.  Which leaves you waiting in long lines or grouped in herds of people. 

Instead, let us plan a unique itinerary curated by experts with local knowledge of all the best things to do that aren’t what the typical tourist do.  Book an appointment with one of our experience curators to discuss what adventures are awaiting you!

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lifestyle services

Experience the extraordinary

Elevate your experience on your travels with our lifetsylte service. We can convert any villa into a 5 star experience with butler, private chef, housekeeping, spa services etc.  

Let us build your itinerary with all things you want to do on your trip from restaurants and nightlife, to excursions and adventures, to yacht or catamaran rentals, to planning the perfect event.

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Strategic partners
Industry professionals & travel agents

Do you work in the travel industry?  We work with thousands of professionals in the travel industry offering our unique experiences to be offered to your clientele. 

We offer white labeled service and content and creative to keep your clientele within your brand.

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